Cities Full of Space

A book about qualities of density by Rudy Uytenhaak

In his own practice and at Delft University of Technology, architect and professor Rudy Uytenhaak conducted research into the densities of the built environment and into the various ways in which sufficient spatial compensation can be provided for the density achieved. This research has led to a number of concrete measures and proposals. ‘Cities full of space’ describes the result of the research and shows a large number of projects that show the search of the ideal floorplans and cross-sections in residential buildings. Rudy Uytenhaak seeks to preserve the city as an attractive living environment: his research at TU Delft Architecture has provided surprising solutions and new tools for urban planners and architects. The book presents his calculation and design methods, and illustrates them with nine built projects. This enables urban planners and architects to apply the Uytenhaak method themselves in design practice.

Every sketch by Rudy Uytenhaak has a calculation scribbled somewhere in the margin: the number of homes per hectare or another capacity calculation. Previous calculation plans figure in a new plan to get a grip on all dimensions and the most desirable profile of the location. Since his design for the urban renewal of the Kinkerbuurt in Amsterdam (1973), Rudy Uytenhaak has been committed to preserving the city as an attractive living environment. Always looking for the highest density with the highest possible quality of living. Because the great comfort of urban living, proximity, should not be at the expense of daylight, privacy or social safety. Through research in his design office in Amsterdam and at TU Delft Architecture (from 2004 to 2007), the models he used evolved into refined solutions and new tools for urban planners and architects. The book presents special urban infill and expansion plans and ingenious constructions: projects that are illustrative of the calculation and design methods presented. Click here to read more

Coming Soon

Rudy Uytenhaak is currently working on a second book in which he further explores his research on urban density, expected to go into print soon. Keep an eye out on our website and other canals for updates on this project! Meanwhile watch this video where Rudy explains part of his theory.